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Man tries to get girl's nude photo
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A man faces solicitation charges after he allegedly propositioned a teenage girl while posing as a young boy online.
The suspect, Christopher Adam McClure, 33, of Morrison is charged with solicitation of a minor and violation of probation. He is to appear before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on April 21 for a hearing on the charges.
McClure faces the criminal count after he used an underage boy’s Facebook account to communicate with a 13-year-old girl. Lawmen say McClure sent messages from the hacked account to the young girl of an illicit nature.
“He sent messages pretending to be (the boy), asking the female juvenile to send nude pictures,” said sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter.
His impersonation of the boy was discovered and McClure was turned in to law enforcement.
“The messages were printed off and turned into law enforcement,” Carpenter said.
McClure reportedly admitted to sending the messages when he was confronted with the evidence.
Under the solicitation law, it doesn’t matter if the nude picture he requested from the young girl was sent or not as the request itself is considered a crime. As for the time he could face if convicted, the law states that solicitation of a minor to commit an illegal act is one count lower than what the actual act would have been.