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Man says hes being set up with nude cellphone photo
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A man accused of sending an obscene picture and harassing an ex-girlfriend and her family says he was set up by them and plans to sue them for liable once his name is clear.The man, Clifford S. Bechtel, 28, is charged with sending harassing texts to his ex-girlfriend and a picture of his private parts to the girl’s father. He was bound to the grand jury on charges of harassment and distribution of obscene material.However, Bechtel says he never sent any obscene pictures to his girlfriend’s father as he is accused of doing.“The pictures that were allegedly sent to his phone by me were in fact sent to his daughter almost two years ago,” Bechtel said of the accusations. “My phone records will show I have not sent or even received any kind of messages from his phone in well over 12 months.”Bechtel said things are not as they appear since the phone in question has been used by different family members.“The phone he is claiming to be his was his daughter’s,” Bechtel said.