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Man rides moped thru Walmart, mall
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A man who drove his moped through Walmart and Three Star Mall on Wednesday night faces disorderly conduct charges after he wandered into McMinnville City Hall on Thursday demanding a helicopter ride.The suspect, Michael Pennington, 25, is charged with several counts of disorderly conduct for the incidents of Wednesday night and Thursday morning.“At some point Wednesday evening he drove his moped into Walmart and drove around,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Bill Davis, referring to the man’s small motor scooter. “Then at some point he goes out to Three Star Mall and does the same thing, riding his moped inside the building.”While eluding capture Wednesday night, which included his cruising onto jail property at one point, Pennington began his antics again early Thursday when he walked into Warren County Courthouse wearing some type of helmet.“He saw a deputy there and was asking him to take him to jail,” Sgt. Davis said, noting the man then went to a nearby bank where he asked to open an account. “He said he was wanting to open it with some huge amount of money.”After that, he went upstairs to City Hall.“He walked up and said he was there for the helicopter ride,” the officer said, noting his odd behavior scared the employees and finally led to his arrest on a list of disorderly conduct charges.Sgt. Davis added there could be further charges since it was reported the man was seen driving down Sparta Street with his pants hanging down, exposing his bare backside.