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Man reportedly throws drugs out back
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A man faces drug and weapons charges after police raided a residence on Winding Way, rounding up a total of 10 suspects.
The defendant, Justin Kelley Brown, 24, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of manufacture, delivery or sale of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of an unlawful weapon.
Brown was arrested after police came to the residence when 911 received a call from an open line at the residence. When officers pulled up they immediately knew something was amiss.
“I saw several people running out of the apartment,” said McMinnville patrolman Corey Floyd, noting he then saw two people standing outside. “There was an odor of burnt marijuana in the air.”
The officers then went to the door where they knocked until someone answered. Police rounded up a total of 10 people from the apartment for questioning.
It was during a search outside the residence police came across a duffle bag.
“The bag contained approximately 3.59 ounces of marijuana in five separate bags,” Floyd said, noting the bag also contained small baggies, scales, rolling papers, a marijuana grinder, and weapons such as brass knuckles and a fixed-blade knife.
Brown was arrested after he took the blame for the bag.
“He admitted the bag was his along with its contents,” said Floyd, noting a witness confirmed his story, saying he saw Brown run out the door and throw the bag off the back porch as police were entering the residence.