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Man makes meth with toddler in home
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A father who was operating a meth lab in the same room where his toddler was staying was given 148 days in jail.
The father, Terry Morton Hollon, 23, was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 148 days of an eight-year sentence and pay $2,000. He will also be accepted into the drug court program which is an intensive 18-month rehabilitation program that requires drug counseling, drug screens, surprise inspections, and attendance at court proceedings.
His sentence comes after police raided his Oriole Drive residence after getting word he was running a meth lab inside.
“I found a jug of muriatic acid and a gas generator in the back bedroom of the apartment,” said McMinnville police officer Ben Cantrell.
Police found numerous baggies in the home suggesting he was not only making meth, but he was also intending to sell it.
It was the discovery of Hollon’s young daughter in the home which led to additional charges.
“Mr. Hollon’s 14-month-old daughter was present in the room where the meth components were found,” Cantrell noted, pointing to the serious medical problems exposure to meth components can cause.
However, Hollon was allowed to plea to only the initiating of meth manufacture charge as part of his plea bargain. Aggravated endangerment of a child was dismissed.