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Man files report with marijuana in truck
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A man who came to police headquarters to file a report was arrested on marijuana charges after the smell gave him away.
The suspect, Anthony J. Fresso, 51, was bound over to the grand jury this week by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on the charge of possession of marijuana.
Police say Fresso showed up shortly after noon at headquarters to file a report with authorities, but there was something smelly about his paperwork.
“He provided a vehicle registration that smelled of marijuana,” said McMinnville patrolman Justin Shrum who said he could smell the tell-tale scent of marijuana on the paperwork.
Given the smell, Shrum asked for, and was granted, permission to search Fresso’s Toyota truck which was parked outside the police department.
“I located a tall cigarette wrapper containing marijuana on the floor of his truck,” Shrum said, noting he searched further and found even more pot. “I also found a cigarette pack with a marijuana joint inside.”