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Man fights officer outside hospital
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A man will serve 30 days in jail for offering to fight a policeman in the parking lot of River Park Hospital after the officer pulled him over for reckless driving.The man, John Wesley Schultz Jr., 28, was not happy at the officer since the policeman had stopped him as he was taking his child to the emergency room.“He exited his vehicle and said he was trying to take his child to the emergency room,” said policeman Joseph VanBommel, noting the man was already in the parking lot just outside the emergency entrance. “I began talking to the driver about his careless driving.”The policeman said Schultz became irate and began shouting and cussing at him. VanBommel said he directed the man to take his child inside the hospital.“Mr. Schultz stated he would take his son into the emergency room and come back outside and fight me,” said VanBommel, noting at that point he instructed the man to tell the child’s mother, who was present, to take the child inside because he was under arrest.A struggled ensued as the officer tried to arrest the suspect, a fight that ended up on the ground.