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Man falsely accused of stabbing girlfriend
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A woman has been sent for a mental evaluation after she claimed her boyfriend stabbed her – a story, lawmen found, she made up.The woman, Kristi Nicole Thompson, 25, was released on time served by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke after entering a plea to the charge of perjury. She was given an 11-month, 29-day sentence she will serve on probation, during which time she is to undergo the mental evaluation.According to sheriff’s deputy John Underwood, Thompson was found at the end of a driveway off Harvest Farm Lake Road.“She was standing at the end of the driveway, screaming that she had been stabbed,” Underwood recalled, noting the woman claimed it was her boyfriend who stabbed her. “She said her boyfriend was inside the residence with a pistol and he had stabbed her.”The woman’s story soon began to unravel when paramedics arrived to treat her wounds.“When EMS arrived they could find no evidence of any stab wounds or cuts on her,” Underwood said.Lawmen went to the home where the woman’s boyfriend was and questioned him.“He seemed perfectly calm,” Underwood noticed.