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Man charged with attacking woman while she holds baby
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A man faces felony assault charges after he reportedly attacked his ex-girlfriend as she held her 19-month-old son in her arms.The suspect, Edtavis Smith, 24, was bound to the grand jury Tuesday by Judge Bill Locke on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, assault with bodily injury and interference with 911 calls.Police say they found the victim lying on the ground when they arrived to investigate the domestic call.“She told us Mr. Smith was an ex-boyfriend who had been knocking on her door the last two nights and would not leave her alone,” recalled McMinnville policeman Eddie Colwell, noting Smith took action on the night of the assault and kicked in her door. “He smacked her and punched her in the face while she was holding her 19-month-old son.”The victim said her toddler was hit in the face by Smith during the onslaught, which spilled outside the Bybee Branch Road apartment.“Once they were outside, Smith took a piece of the broken door frame and hit her on the left thigh,” said Colwell, noting Smith grabbed the woman’s phone and destroyed it so she could not call for help.Police added the woman suffered serious injuries to her eye and cheek area and she also had a bloody nose.