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Man arrested for setting fire to protesters tent
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NASHVILLE (AP) — Police arrested a man for setting fire to a tent belonging to one of the protesters at the Occupy Nashville encampment near the state Capitol.According to the arrest warrant, 33-year-old Justin Baker Otto was arrested after he doused a protester’s tent with a flammable liquid and set it on fire. The warrant said witnesses told police Otto was upset because he believed the protester had stolen his wallet.After the fire, people who were taking part in the protest caught the suspect and held him until police arrived, according to WTVF-TV.Several articles of clothing inside the tent were destroyed, but no one was injured.It wasn't clear whether the suspect was also a protester, but Nashville police already had a warrant out for his arrest for harassing an ex-girlfriend. Otto was charged with felony arson and was released from jail on bond.• • • • •CLINTON (AP) — An Anderson County Jail guard who was hired only last month has been charged with bringing drugs to an inmate.Investigator Danny Bowie with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release 21-year-old Kaitlin Paige Hardin of Lenoir City was charged with possessing narcotics and introducing them into a penal facility.