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Local National Guard returns from month-long exercise in Germany
Soldiers with Fox Troop establish cover during their tactical training in Germany.
The blood and anguish that poured onto the streets of Paris on Friday provided another grave reminder of terrorism’s wrath.Over 100 innocent people – some enjoying a concert, others dining at a café – were slaughtered by assassins for no reason but to kill.With global tension at smothering levels, soldiers with our National Guard Armory in McMinnville have returned home from a month-long trip to Germany where they participated in military training exercises with 12 other NATO countries. The operation was aimed at improving readiness response and getting NATO allies to work better alongside each other in a battlezone.The training mission took place in Hohenfels, Germany at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, a facility that’s been used for military operations dating back to the Hitler regime. NATO nations involved included Norway, Albania, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro and Germany.Among the McMinnville residents who participated were Derrick Bonner, Paul Cope, Joshua Kirby, Nathan Morgan and Joshua Reed.