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Zoning exception approved for Blue Building property
Blue Building
The Blue Building

The Blue Building property has been approved for townhomes.  

McMinnville Board of Zoning Appeals met to consider a special exception for multi-family dwellings and apartments for 201 W. Colville Street. Townhomes are the intended use for the property by Investment Partners, with developers Bobby Kirby, Lake Kirby and Jewell Hale. Zoned Residential-2, those are allowed on appeal as a permitted use.

According to Community Development Department planner Sean Garrett, the request meets all city zoning codes.

“It is so designed, located and proposed to be operated so that the public health, safety and welfare will be protected. That condition has been met. It will not adversely affect other property in the area in which it is located. That condition has been met. It is within the provision of ‘Uses Permitted on Appeal’ as set forth in this official zoning code. That condition has been met. It conforms to all applicable provisions of this Official Zoning Code for the district in which it is to be located. That condition has been met. Staff recommends approval of the special exception,” said Garrett. 

Community Development Department director David Baird added, “There have been discussions, from the developers’ perspective, about putting part of this in common open space. If that were the case, we would need to look at, potentially, some additional options like a PRD (planned residential development). This would just be for the approval of a special exception to allow for multifamily in the area, without a common open space. That’s one of the things we wanted to make clear.” 

Baird also stated that PRDs are common in these types of developments and does not see that as a problem. 

The property, approximately 209,609 square feet, is located behind the Blue Building. 

“Bobby, will you be doing any streets or anything like that in this area,” asked BZA member Jerry Williamson.

Kirby replied, “No streets, just parking areas. Common drives coming in.”

When the floor was open to visitors who wished to comment on the measure, Vice Mayor Everett Brock rose to speak.

“I’m here both as a city alderman and as a property owner,” said Brock. “The city has worked extremely hard to get where we are today with the Blue Building – turning it into something viable without having to tear it down. I hate to see that not come to fruition. I think it’s a great thing. As a property owner, I don’t have any problems with it at all. It’s certainly going to be good for the neighborhood. It’s going to be good for McMinnville, I think.”

McMinnville Board of Zoning Appeals members unanimously approved the special exception, contingent upon an approved site plan as required by McMinnville Zoning Code.