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Your vote is secure

Some Information on the MicroVote voting machines used in Warren County.

• MicroVote Infinity voting machines are NEVER connected to the internet nor can they be.

• Tabulation and programming computers used to program voting machines and tabulate results are never connected to the Internet nor can they be. Any networking capability, including wireless, is securely disabled. Each computer has been hardened with over 300 special security settings, including unique, complex credentials for authentication. All computer activity is internally monitored and regularly audited.

• Voting machines are verified after programming by machine technicians and a test of the tabulation equipment is performed prior to each election. 

• A “zero” tape is run for each voting machine after programming to show no votes are on the voting machines. These tapes are run after programming, after verification/ public test, and before the machines are started on Election Day. 

• Zero proof tapes are reviewed, signed and sealed up. 

• The locked and sealed voting machines are stored in a secure facility. 

• At the close of voting, the number of votes cast on each machine is verified to match the number of applications for voting in each precinct.

• The votes for each voting machine are tallied onto a unique “Tally Card” for each machine. A paper copy of the tally results is also printed at this time. The tally remains resident on the voting machine until programmed for the next election. 

• The tally cards along with the paper tally record are signed and sealed in security envelopes. They are returned to the election headquarters along with the voting equipment.

• The tally cards are processed at election headquarters. After each card is read, the number of votes transferred into the tabulation software is confirmed by looking at the paper tally tape to confirm the number of votes. 

• The voting machine has an internal proprietary audit system. A paper audit of each vote record can be printed after the election. 

• Your vote is recorded onto two independent solid state internal drives when you cast your ballot. 

• The MicroVote voting system has been tested and certified by the federal government to be secure and accurate. The voting machines are subject to independent review by testing laboratories and state examination.

• System identification tools are available to all jurisdictions to verify all hardware and software at any time.

• The use of a Pre-Election Physical and Cybersecurity Sweep (PEPCS) also assures the integrity and security of the vote.