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You can't fight it, but you can move it
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Several City Hall offices are relocating from Court Square to 202 Bell Street.

Something that should move, but won’t, has prompted a permanent relocation for most McMinnville City Hall employees.

Due to elevator issues, the city moved some of its employees from the third floor of the Regions Bank building to 202 Bell Street earlier this month. Specifically, the city’s Tax Department and Water and Sewer Department were relocated. 

Residents seeking to apply for a business license, pay property taxes, or pay water bills were asked to go to Bell Street.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided Tuesday night to make that move permanent and relocate more employees from the third floor, making Bell Street their home indefinitely due to elevator problems not being quickly remedied. 

City administrator Nolan Ming presented two options for elevator repair.  

“Option one is what we started with, which is to repair what we have,” said Ming. “The cost there is estimated to be about $90,000. That’s to repair the jack. We’re probably looking at three months.”

Option two includes repair, plus modernizing the elevator, at “almost double the cost” of just repairing it. 

Ming added he had an option three but it was nixed due to ADA compliance issues.

Regions Bank has agreed to allow the city use of a space located on the ground floor. It has street access, but renovation would be required. 

Officials voted unanimously to defer decision on the elevator and relocate more employees “indefinitely” to 202 Bell Street. Mentioned specifically were any remaining Tax, Water and Sewer, and Human Resource staff.