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Yates, 21, charged for kidnapping
James Alexander Yates mugshot.jpg

A Rock Island man has been hit with a felony kidnapping charge following an altercation where he reportedly tackled a 17-year-old female from behind, then crashed into a tree while trying to outrun her friend on Thanksgiving Day.

James A. Yates, 21, has been hit with charges of kidnapping, domestic assault, and reckless endangerment. He has already had his first court appearance and is due back Feb. 2 for his next hearing.

According to arrest warrants, the confrontation began when Yates and the 17-year-old juvenile were driving in the Rock Island area and a verbal argument erupted. The teenage girl said she exited the vehicle and began walking away while calling a friend to come pick her up.

While she was on her cellphone, Yates reportedly tackled her from behind, then grabbed her phone and hung up. Yates then picked up the girl and carried her back to his vehicle.

When they started driving again, Yates noticed a vehicle following them closely. He asked who it was.

The female victim said it was her friend who had come to pick her up. She asked Yates repeatedly, according to arrest warrants, to stop the vehicle and let her out. He refused.

Instead, Yates reportedly floored it when they were on Copenhaven Road in an effort to speed away from the pursuing vehicle. But instead of getting away, Yates rounded a curve too fast, left the road and hit a tree. His vehicle came to rest on its side.

Deputies who responded to the crash placed Yates in custody and he was transported to Warren County’s Sheriff’s Department.