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Wreck results in DUI charge
morrison wreck.jpg
Pictured is the truck driven by Austin Gomar after he plowed through property and hit two utility poles in Morrison in the area of Shady Grove Road. - photo by Taylor Moore
Austin Maxray Gomar.jpg

Shady Grove Road was the location of an off-roading wreck Friday that left no one seriously injured, but the driver in custody.

McMinnville resident Austin Maxray Gomar, 26, was reportedly behind the wheel of a white Ford F-350 that drove through several properties, hit two utility poles, a fence, and some shrubbery before finally coming to rest in a ditch. 

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department reported the vehicle was being driven by another person before Gomar took control.

Stopping the car while travelling on Jacksboro Road in Morrison, the first driver exited the vehicle and was not involved in the wreck. This is where Gomar took control and the Sheriff’s Department reports he started driving erratically.

Gomar allegedly drove through an intersection, hitting a utility pole. Then he drove into someone’s yard causing damage to the property. He headed down Shady Drove Road where a turn took him off the road on the right side and through some shrubbery. He overcorrected, striking a fence off the road on the left.

Gomar travelled over half a mile before running off the road on the right, again going through more shrubbery and hitting another utility pole and coming to a halt in a ditch.

Gomar was taken into custody after EMS found no serious injuries. He was transported to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and charged with fourth-offense DUI and simple possession.