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Wood charged for getting high behind Lowe's
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A young man tried to elude capture after police tried to arrest him for huffing paint to get high.
The man, Cody W. Wood, 23, admitted to police he had been huffing paint behind Lowe’s. He has been ordered to serve five days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence on charges of illegal use of inhalants and resisting stop.
Police were told by a witness they had seen the suspect huffing the paint while he was standing on the opposite side of the fence from Lowe’s. The fumes from certain types of paints and cleaners can be used to get a fleeting high, but are known to be dangerous and sometimes fatal to use.
“He was standing on the other side of the fence and started to walk away,” said McMinnville police officer Katelyn Neal, noting she instructed him to stop several times but he refused.
Instead of trying to hop the fence, the officer got in her patrol car and drove around to Arms Apartments which is located on the other side of the fence from Lowe’s. She was able to catch the suspect behind a building at the complex.
“He had a can of gold paint and a Dollar General bag that had paint on it,” she said. “He said he had been huffing the paint.”