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Woman of many names charged
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A woman with an assortment of aliases faces identity theft charges after she admitted posing as another person, going to the point of even having her name legally changed.
The woman, reportedly from Manchester, was arrested under the name Deeann Lynne Gray but is also known as Deeana Santiago, Deeana Deluca and just Deeann Gray.
Her real age? The ID she provided police when she was stopped for doing an illegal U-turn at the intersection of the bypass and Mullican Street showed her to be 63, having been born in 1953.
“She was nervous,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell during what was a routine traffic stop. “I believe the date of birth on the driver license she provided was older than her true age.”
When confronted about her age, she broke down and admitted her birth name was Deanna Deluca and she was really just 49, having been born in 1968. She then told the officer the story of how she became Deeann Lynn Gray.
“She stated she had stolen the identity of Deeann Gray, who was a resident of Colorado,” the lawmen reported, noting the woman then admitted taking the identity theft to the next level. “She had her name legally changed to Deeann Gray in Connecticut by using Ms. Gray’s identity documents.”
After fraudulently changing her name, she went on to literally live a double life.
“She had obtained two different Tennessee identifications using two different Social Security numbers and two different dates of birth,” Cantrell noted, adding he figured out her motivation in getting the second ID. “She obtained a second identity because her Tennessee driver license was suspended.”
The woman has been bound to the grand jury on the identity theft charge.