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Willmore touts virtues of staying active
A contest is underway paying cold, hard cash to the person who can drop the most weight.

Larry Willmore, 74, has been working out for most of his life, and credits exercise and clean eating for helping him avoid health problems and keeping him active.

“I think at my age staying active is important,” says Willmore. “I play golf regularly and I believe exercise has been a contributing factor to maintain the flexibility I need to continue golfing.”

Willmore visits USA Gym at least five days a week, and works his legs daily, as well as riding the stationary bike for 20 to 30 minutes. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he focuses on his biceps, triceps and arms. On Tuesday and Thursday, Willmore works his shoulders, chest and back. 

“Keeping active is crucial,” says Willmore. “A sedentary lifestyle is certainly harmful to your health without any question. Keeping your joints and muscles active helps you stay healthy.”

Working out has helped Willmore avoid health problems, and is beneficial to him. He eats fairly healthy by eating vegetables and fruits every day. Willmore states he attempts to maintain a reasonable eating habit to maintain his weight. He feels as though eating healthy is a necessity to combine with exercise. 

“I think focusing on your physical health enables you to do something active each day,” says Willmore. 

Willmore also believes exercising creates a positive mentality. The determination in wanting to do it is one of the most important aspects since many people would rather stay at home, sit in a chair and watch TV. As a result, a certain amount of atrophy sets in with muscles as people age. 

“It’s a mental attitude that’s similar to a religion in the way you get engrained to do certain things and when you don’t do those things it’s detrimental to yourself,” says Willmore. 

Larry has three children and six grandchildren with ages ranging from 2 to 28 years old. He is thankful to be able to enjoy and be involved in his grandchildren’s lives due to his good health. 

“All my children are very active and always have been,” says Willmore. “I hope I’ve played a part in encouraging them to be active and healthy.”