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Will county fly Confederate flag?
Committee votes to allow it at courthouse
Confederate flagWEB
Sam Boyd has proposed flying a seven-star Confederate flag at the courthouse.

Warren County is considering a request to allow a Confederate flag to be placed at the courthouse.
Sam Boyd made the application to county Building and Grounds Committee members Carl E. Bouldin, chair, Carolyn Miller, David Rhea, Kenny Roberts and Michael Shane Wilcher.
“I beg of the members of the committee to remember that they were our family, neighbors, and loved their home,” said Boyd in his written request. “If we fail to remember and honor the symbols of our veterans of our past for only honorable purposes due to political calculations of ever-changing winds, think of how our sons and daughters today will be treated in the future for simply serving their home, despite the political platforms or policies debated in Washington in the future. Soldiers are soldiers and Confederate soldiers are recognized as American veterans according to the U.S. Congress in 1957. The U.S. War Department also recognizes these men with the task of granting headstones for them over their individual graves.”
Boyd is asking the county to allow him to place a replica memorial flag representing the men from Warren County next to the Confederate monument located at the courthouse. The flag would be in memorial and at Boyd’s expense.
The flag under consideration is a “First National Confederate Flag.”
According to the information submitted by Boyd, it was an original flag of the Confederacy and utilized and recognized by most during the war until 1863. It was retired as a national flag simply due to the confusion on the battlefield as it looked similar to the U.S. Flag.
It’s reminiscent of the Betsy Ross Revolutionary War Flag to reflect the kindred spirit of independence they were fighting for. The seven-star design was first. Then as other states joined, additional stars were added up to 13.
Boyd says a seven-star flag is currently flown at Lincoln County and Macon County courthouse property next to those memorials, over a mass grave of Confederate soldiers on U.S. property at the Shiloh Battlefield in West Tennessee, at Shy’s Hill in Nashville on the location of the Confederate left flank of the Battle of Nashville, at the Rutherford County Courthouse in Murfreesboro on the Battle of Murfreesboro anniversary, over the North Carolina state capital two days a year in memorial, and hung in the Gaylord Hotel in Texas as one of its six flag displays.
Bouldin says the flag is also in Woodbury.
“That particular flag is hanging down in Woodbury and it looks good,” said Bouldin. “I want this to be a full court decision. I don’t want it to be just this committee’s decision.”
Two other flags were presented for consideration and rejected: a “Warren County Guards” flag, and another “First National Flag” design with the seal of Tennessee surrounded by stars.  
Committee members unanimously approved the flag and sent the measure to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration. The next regular session is July 18 at 6:30 p.m.