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Wilcher sends emails aimed at ending tethering
Wilcher, Blaine.jpg
Blaine Wilcher

A behind-the-scene effort is being made to sway Warren County commissioners toward the need to create an ordinance to protect dogs who live outdoors.

Commissioner Blaine Wilcher is using email to distribute pictures of tethered dogs and the life some of them live.

In early March, the county Health and Welfare Committee received a presentation from Nicole McPeak of Warren County Pets Lost and Found. She urged commissioners to establish an ordinance to improve the standard care for dogs and place restrictions on tethering.

“As I mentioned, in our Health and Welfare meeting earlier this month,” Wilcher said in an email, “I’m sure the majority of the citizens who have their pets tethered care for them daily. They probably take them for walks, feed them properly, and show them affection. The question that we want to ponder is what about those who don’t?”

Wilcher’s emails prompted a response from Commissioner Deborah Evans. She asked if Wilcher had spoken to county attorney Robert Bratcher, Warren County Sheriff Tommy Myers, or Animal Control director Sherri Bradley about enforcement of an ordinance.

“Have you asked Robert Bratcher, the sheriff, or Sherri if we pass a tether law, will there be a way to enforce it?” asked Evans. “I certainly hope so. I support animal rights 100%. I just hope we can enforce it. Thank you for the pics and the work behind the scenes you are doing Chairman Wilcher.”