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Westwood neighborhood hit by vandals
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Vandals destroyed mailboxes in the Westwood neighborhood over the weekend with McMinnville Police Department taking reports from seven residents.
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McMinnville Police detectives are examining surveillance video and tracking down leads to catch the people responsible for widespread mailbox damage in the Westwood neighborhood over the weekend.

“We’ve taken reports on seven cases,” said McMinnville Police detective Todd Rowland. “It’s mainly mailbox damage where they went through and tore a bunch of mailboxes down. We’re looking at two or three males as the people who are responsible.”

Damage was inflicted on Friday and Saturday nights. Westwood resident Allen Hitchcock said a row of three mailboxes, that includes his own, was hit twice.

“They came through Friday night and turned all of them over,” said Hitchcock. “So we spent two or three hours on Saturday putting them back up. We poured new concrete and put in new anchor bolts to get them in there real well and darn it if they didn’t come through again Saturday. They yanked the mailboxes out and threw them all over the yard.”

Hitchcock and his neighbors worked to get the three mailboxes back up again on Sunday.

“It’s aggravating more than anything else,” he said. “From what I can tell, they just went around Westwood hitting places at random.”

In addition to mailboxes, it is believed the same group is responsible for knocking over a stop sign on the corner of Boyd Avenue and Sunburst Drive, and tipping over two port-o-potties on home construction sites.

“It’s probably juveniles, but they did a lot of damage,” said Rowland. “Depending on the cost of your mailbox, it could be a lot of damage.”

Anyone with information can contact police detectives at 473-3386.