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WCMS raises over $3K to help in cancer fight
WCMS going gold4.jpg
WCMS eighth-grade cheerleaders shouted the team to victory on Thursday. WCMS Pioneers beat Coffee County during the school’s annual day game by a score of 18-8. Pictured is Paytyn Schofner. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
WCMS going gold6.jpg
Photo provided Reaching a fundraising goal meant a pie in the face for all Warren County Middle School eighth-grade dance team and cheerleader members. Pictured is Bella Stoner, who gave the activity a thumbs up.

Warren County Middle School is continuing its annual fight to battle cancer. A Going Gold home football game was held Thursday. 

“September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Every year the school goes gold for the month to raise awareness to the battles our children fight and money for a family in need in our community,” said Marsha Riggs, WCMS teacher. 

Warren County is no stranger to childhood cancers as many in our community have been personally affected by these diseases. This year all funds raised by the school went to the family of Eden Stafford. She is a 3-year-old who is currently fighting a battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The family received approximately $3,500. 

The money was raised in the weeks leading up to Thursday’s game.  

“During our first home game, we had students take helmets into the stands for donations for the cause. Our goal was $500 and we exceeded that goal and raised over $860 that night,” said Riggs. “As promised, since we reached our goal, at Thursday’s game all WCMS eighth-grade dance team and cheerleader members and our mascot took a pie to the face.”  

Making goals and crushing them is something that WCMS students and staff are accustomed to.  

Home bases competed in a competition to build the longest gold link chain by bringing in quarters for each link. 

“Our staff, students and their families showed incredible generosity,” said Riggs. “Our goal was to raise another $500. We are proud to announce that in links alone, we raised over $2,500. The competition was fierce with the winning home base being that of Ben Matheny’s. Since we made that goal, Kirsten Cunningham kissed a pig in front of the student body at the day game.” 

Additionally, in honor of all heroes and angels, WCMS Interact collected personal care kits for when families have to end up staying the night for an unexpected hospital stay after an appointment or treatment that didn’t go as planned.

Warren County Middle School extended a special thanks to all those that made the event possible: Warren County Middle School administration and staff, All O K’Sions Flowers and Gifts, Warren County Teacher Center and all generous student body and their families.

As is tradition, gold balloons were released during the game.