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WCHS students complete mural
WCHS Mural 1.jpg
Brylee McCormack, Eperanza Gant, Abby Cantrell and Bellamy Hale pose behind the “good” side of the mural in front of the WCHS library. - photo by Bethany Porter
WCHS Mural 2.jpg
Brandy Sandoval, Emily Hennessee and Amy Seber pose behind the “evil” side of the mural. - photo by Bethany Porter

The mural in front of the Warren County High School library was finally completed last week. 

Amy Seber’s painting class has been working on the mural since the beginning of February. The theme of the mural is “Good vs. Evil.” The good side is depicted with a fairytale scene of a magical forest and, on the other side, there is a dark, murky swamp. Both sides have different versions of a castle, dragon and other mythical creatures. 

The painting class consisted of Makayla Bell, Abby Cantrell, Ashley Fernandez, Esperanza Gant, Bellamy Hale, Emily Hennessee, Harley Hernandez, Annie King, Brylee McCormack, Danielle McEwen, Brandy Sandoval and Cassie Sharpe. 

Although this was a class project, Seber says a special thanks goes to Gant, Hale and Sandoval for stepping up as the lead students and spending many extra hours on this painting. 

“I am extremely proud of all these students. They have been diligent in seeing this large task to the end, adding more creativity each week,” said Seber. 

The breathtaking mural is located directly in front of the library at the high school.