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WCHS prom set for May 1
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In 2020, the prom was held outside only in front of the WCHS gym. This year, students will have the option of enjoying a traditional indoor prom experience and relaxing under the moonlight outside.

A romantic dance under the moonlight, throw in some flowers and foliage, and you’ll be ready for this year’s prom at Warren County High School.

“Moonlit Garden Gala” is the theme this year for multiple reasons. Linda Taylor, who teaches at WCHS and is prom organizer, said the theme fits for a dual indoor/ outdoor experience.

The prom will be this coming Saturday, May 1 at Charlie Dalton Gym at WCHS and will be inside and outside. Taylor said the garden theme is suitable for the outdoors where students will be directly under the moonlight.

Usually a theme is found in a catalogue and the majority of the set-up can be ordered, but this year, they decided to create their own theme and do it all from scratch to save on costs.

“We were able to recycle a lot of decorations,” Taylor said. “Last year, the prom was free of charge, so they were struggling with money this year. The garden theme was used a couple years ago, so they were able to save on a lot of decorations. We shopped locally and shopped where we could get cheaper materials.”

Local nurseries and businesses have donated or agreed to lend plants to add to the scenery. Taylor bragged on the prom committee which consists of around eight students to help organize, plan and decorate. As Student Body president, Dante Grayson has done a lot of contacting to get the plants, and the prom committee is also planning a plant sale for those donated to give next year’s prom a little more funding.

“No one knows what it will look like until it’s done,” said Taylor, who is excited because it allows for more creativity.

Taylor said, “We are expecting to see a lot of sparkly and dazzly masks.” 

Students are required to wear facemasks upon entry, but are allowed to remove them outside and stay distanced. The prom will take place in the gym at WCHS and in the alley between the gym and the automotive garages.

No rules on purchasing tickets have changed. Seniors have to purchase the tickets but can bring anyone from freshman-age to anyone under the age of 21. They’ve already sold 300 tickets and Taylor is expecting to have around 350 in total, which is in the range of an average prom.

The Moonlit Garden Gala will open the doors at 8 p.m. on May 1 and will conclude at 11 p.m.