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WCAC told to charge for city cats
Martin says city must pay $10 for every drop-off
According to the county Animal Control policy located online (revised July 31, 2014), there is no reference to charging $10 per cat and $35 per dog for animals from Viola, Centertown or Morrison accepted at county Animal Control. Commissioner Michael Martin says there is such a fee.
Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Kim Pettrey is being instructed not to take any more cats from the city of McMinnville unless she charges a fee.She was ordered by Commissioner Michael Martin to stop taking cats free of charge that are picked up inside the city limits during Monday’s Health and Welfare Committee meeting. Also on the committee are Teddy Boyd, Linda Jones, Tommy Savage and Blaine Wilcher.Martin said he’s gotten phone calls about Pettrey accepting cats from city Animal Control officer David Denton. “I’ve been called that you’ve been taking in city cats,” said Martin to Pettrey.