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Water Paws barking good time
Event held at Gilley Pool
Margaret Hobbs photo--Gilley Pool was filled with four-legged friends for Water Paws, but only dogs. City officials joked about holding a similar event for cats so as not to discriminate.
McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen members showed their lighter side when joking about Water Paws.The event is offered by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and dedicated to dogs enjoying a dip in Gilley Pool at the end of each season. It is a fundraiser with Helping Animals of Warren County (HAWC) to benefit animals.“Is the Water Paws event going to be annual?” asked city attorney Tim Pirtle.Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord said, “This was our second one, so yes.”“I heard a couple of the dogs complaining about the slides being closed,” said Pirtle.McCord replied, “We also had a city attorney trying to profit off getting pictures with his dog, too.”The exchange between Pirtle and McCord brought laugher and additional comments. “Some of the other animals in the community may be feeling left out,” said Alderman Mike Neal.