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Water Department deposits remain unclaimed
McMinnville Water Department could have an unclaimed deposit for you.

McMinnville Water Department has unclaimed deposits. Previous customers have through October to claim their money or the state gets it. 

New customers of the city’s Water Department are required to submit a refundable amount known as a utility deposit before the public utility will provide services. Once service is disconnected, any remaining money is refundable. 

“Some of these deposits are very old and are as low as $20 or $30, but we have some that are newer and they’re $150, minus their final bill,” said Finance Department director Samantha Moore. “We have to submit all unclaimed deposits to the state by Nov. 1 so we’re working diligently to find these people and return their money. Once it’s turned over to the state, it will be very difficult for them to get a refund.” 

Approximately 100 previous customers have been located and money returned. 

“We still have a long road ahead,” said Moore. “We have a lot that are from rental apartments. People will pay the deposit and then move away without leaving a forwarding address. We will send them their balance and it gets returned to us. Until they try to open another account, we hold that money in the account. Now, the state says we have to turn it over on an annual basis. The state will place a time limit on how long people have to claim the deposit, I’m sure.”

Some people might mistakenly think they owe the utility money, says Moore.

“Maybe they don’t understand,” she said. “They move away and don’t leave a forwarding address, because they think they owe money. In reality, we owe them money and now we have a very short amount of time to return it. Just come in with your ID and talk to us.”

Previous customers of McMinnville Water Department can begin the process of claiming their deposit by calling 473-7542 or visit the department on City Hall’s first floor.