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Warmer days approaching
Enjoying the weather - Frisbee golf.jpg
Michael Pintz plauys a round of Frisbee golf at Pepper Branch Park on Tuesday. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

As winter loosens its grip on Warren County, residents are taking advantage of time outdoors with trips to Pepper Branch Park, Riverfront Park and the Barren Fork Greenway connecting them. 

Sherry Pritchett and Samantha Pritchett were among those enjoying the mid-60s temperatures of Monday with a trip to the greenway. The mother-daughter duo was using sidewalk chalk on a concrete pad overlooking Barren Fork River and Pepper Branch Park. 

“This looked like a perfect spot for some chalk,” said Sherry. 

Samantha said, “I haven’t played with chalk in a very long time. A long time. Since I was a kid.”

“You’re never too old for sidewalk chalk,” said Sherry.

Being drawn was a butterfly, with flowers to follow.

“I’m hoping it will urge spring to get here faster,” said Sherry. “We’re ready for spring.

When not beautifying concrete, the two like another amenity offered at Pepper Branch Park – kayaking.

Michael Pintz and his family were enjoying the weather and a game of Frisbee golf at Pepper Branch Park on Tuesday.

“We came down from Nashville to get vaccinated and decided to play a little Frisbee golf while we’re here,” said Pintz. He said he plays Frisbee golf regularly, but stopped short of calling himself good at it.

According to AccuWeather, temperatures reached the high 60s in McMinnville on Tuesday and more nice weather is expected to be on the way. The high is predicted to reach 70 on Wednesday and Thursday, AccuWeather says.

As for Pepper Branch Park, improvements are currently underway to upgrade kayak access into the river. The city of McMinnville is partnering with Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency to install a kayak launch, and improve the driveway and handicap parking with a sidewalk to the launch area.

The project is funded by a $75,000 Tourism Enhancement Grant from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. TWRA is providing labor, while the grant funds materials.