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Walmart enacts mask mandate
Facemasks at Walmart.jpg
Walmart employee Adam Dubicki hands out facemasks to customers not wearing one before they enter the store. Monday was the first day Walmart’s facemask policy went into effect.

A few customers weren’t able to mask their discontent, but the vast majority were happy to comply as Walmart’s policy of requiring facemasks went into effect Monday.

“We want to do our part to keep everyone safe,” said Walmart employee Tamela Roberts, who was stationed outside the main entrance informing everyone walking by without a facemask of the requirement.

With Roberts telling customers about the policy outside the store, employee Adam Dubicki was just inside the main door handing out free masks to anyone trying to enter without one.

“There’s always that one person who grovels, no matter where you go or what you do,” said Dubicki. “But for the most part everyone has been understanding. If they don’t have a mask, I hand them one and they walk in.”

Dubicki said he heard just a couple complaints about the requirement, but nothing significant. Roberts estimates more than half of Walmart customers had been wearing masks in the store already, so they had already made the adjustment.

One lady removed her facemask the moment she wheeled her groceries out of the store. She said the mask made it hard for her to breathe.

One younger man was clearly irritated about being handed a mask. He snatched it begrudgingly, started to put it on, then decided otherwise and walked out of the store.

However, they were the exception. Most customers already had their masks in place as they approached the store and entered without comment.

Walmart is among 18 or so major retailers which have already enacted facemask policies, or have announced facemask policies that will be going into effect, according to a count by Business Insider.

Kroger begins requiring facemasks on Wednesday, July 22.