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Voting districts could be affected by census

Warren County has gained 1,114 residents in 10 years, according to the 2020 census. How will that affect its 12 voting districts?

Commissioner Randy England said meetings of the county Redistricting Committee will begin in September to determine if the change in population, from 39,839 in 2010 to 40,953 in 2020, will be enough to affect the county’s 12 districts in any way. 

“We have been waiting on a report and we received it on Aug. 12,” said England. “Hopefully, we will start meeting Sept. 14 to begin the review process for any possible changes.”

The Census Bureau’s data is used to determine if Warren County commissioners need to redraw district lines so they remain equally populated. 

New population figured can also impact state and federal districts. This has the potential to change district for Tennessee House, Tennessee Senate, U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Last year, Warren County Election Commission administrator Susie Davenport explained the role of the Redistricting Committee and how it affects the Election Commission and community.

“Whatever this committee does, affects what I do because this committee will adjust district lines to divide our county population area into a reasonable distribution among our 12 districts,” said Davenport. “There’s always been some changes. Sometimes it’s very minimal.”

Census 2020 was delayed largely because of difficulties in collecting and processing the enormous amount of information amid the pandemic. States were expected to receive census data by the end of March 2021. The delivery of data was pushed into August.

Warren County is broken up into census blocks, generally small areas, which are divided geographically. For example, if there’s a river or major highway, that’s typically used as a boundary line.

England made the announcement regarding upcoming meetings during Monday night’s monthly session of the full Warren County Commission.