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Video projection system coming to Park Theater
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Ask anyone in the theater industry and they’ll agree technology is the backbone of any theatrical, musical, or dance production. With that in mind, the Park Theater has announced it will be adding a new video projection system to its arsenal of performance-enhancing equipment.

According to Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts, newer storytelling tools and methods – such as video projection – help enrich the whole experience for audience members.

“It’s a very versatile system that can be used during theater or concert performances,” said Roberts. “Say we do a winter scene, we can use less props and project snow falling in the background to create depth.”

In this video projection system, a 12-foot high by 20-foot wide retractable screen will be installed at the back of the Park Theater stage. Roberts said its use isn’t limited to backdrop scenes and includes a wide variety of capabilities such as time lapse and computer-animated motion images.

With six shows planned for next year, Dream Reality Group producing director Logan Taylor believes the new video projection system will be an asset to Park Theater.

“In the theater community, a video projection system is really a staple so I’m very excited,” said Taylor. “For us, we just download a graphic instead of spending weeks painting and building a backdrop and props so it’s definitely a time and money saver.”

According to Roberts, Dec. 5 is the projected installation date for the video projection system. The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee unanimously approved the purchase from Austin Audio Visual Design in the amount of $9,995. Approval from the full McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen is not required.