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Uselton seeks State Representative seat
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Cheryl Uselton

Hello, my name is Cheryl W. Uselton. I am your candidate for Tennessee State Representative for the 43rd District.

I would like to start by saying I am a born-again Child of God. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I was born and raised here in Warren County, daughter of Herbert E. Womack and Johnnie Mae Jones. My family were nursery growers and farmers. I was taught at a very young age to work hard and I continued to do so until I retired in July of 2020 from St. Thomas Heart in McMinnville. 

I started out working for Warren County Nursery where I worked for 21 years, then Pine Hill Plastics for 14 years. While working there I went back to school in 2006 at Med-Vance in Cookeville. I graduated in February of 2007 and upon my graduation I put in my resume for St. Thomas Hospital. A week later I started to work for St. Thomas Heart where I remained till my retirement. 

I have always enjoyed helping people any way that I could so when I was approached about running for State Representative, I thought what better way to help others. I want to be able to take the voices of not only Warren and White counties, but all Tennesseans who need a voice. The way I see it is a VOTE for me is a VOTE for you as well.

Education: I am strongly in favor of proper funding of Public Education from the pre-K level through the college and university level. My opposition, led by Gov. Bill Lee, is currently funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to charter (private) schools. The governor very much wants to INCREASE the number of Charter Schools in the state to 100. This, of course, would take even more funding that otherwise could go to PUBLIC schools. 

Just recently Gov. Lee sent $32 million to a private religious college in Michigan — Hillsdale. The purpose of this was to get the assistance of Hillsdale in mentoring, planning, and establishing Charter Schools in this state. Just last week at a meeting between Gov. Lee and the president of Hillsdale, the governor sat by silently as the Hillsdale president said, “We have a situation where dumb colleges are graduating dumb teachers.” What an insult to our hard-working teachers! We can’t stand for this and cannot let it happen, not in our great state of Tennessee. Vote Blue.

Pro Choice: Let me start by saying this. I have never had an abortion nor have I ever needed or wanted to have one. I did have two miscarriages before I had a live birth. With today’s law, I could be investigated and so could my doctor. We could be persecuted and thrown in jail or fined. 

Pro choice does not always mean pro abortion. I believe that a woman has a right to choose what she has done to her body. We don’t need the government stepping in and telling us what is best for us or our body. Let us women have a choice. 

These are only a couple of things that I would like to see changed. I know there are many more that need to be addressed and with your help we can do this together, because together we can ACCOMPLISH them all. Let’s work together, people of Tennessee. Vote Cheryl W. Uselton as your next Democratic State Representative 43rd District. Thank you and God Bless.