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Unwanted properties get no love
county unwanted properties original.jpg
Several unwanted properties in Warren County could be up for grabs. Commissioners are continuing to discuss how best to sell them. Government surplus auctions – – is under consideration. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Discussion continues about unwanted properties in Warren County.

Members of the county Financial Management Committee met in June and voted to liquidate nine properties which have delinquent property taxes and were not purchased in prior tax sales. However, details of the sale were not finalized and they were never sold.

“We need to decide what to do with these properties,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley, when the Financial Management Committee met this month. “The situation was brought before a previous meeting of Financial Management but no real action was taken on it.”

One of the properties is located at 4437 Yager Road, the former location of Perry’s Market. It is located at the three-way stop. When it was offered in a tax sale in 2016 by Warren County, there were no bidders.

The remaining properties:
• 612 Billings Road, map/ parcel number 027/ 026.01
• Jacksboro Road, 065/ 029.00
• Jacksboro Road, 065/ 028.00
• Jacksboro Road, 065/ 029.01
• Sunset Point Road, 076/ 014.00
•Mount View Drive, 078N/ 032.00; Group A
• Leesburg Road, 069/ 039.01

• Roy Webb Road, 051/ 031.0

County legal counsel Robert Bratcher outlined part of the state’s requirements on the sale of the properties.

“There is a provision in the statute that once a bid has come in and it’s accepted, you have to wait 10 days before you can execute a deed,” said Bratcher. “In that 10 days, you have to run an advertisement listing the name of the person, the price and the property description. If anyone else in the community comes forward and offers 10 percent more then they get the property. That actually opens up a bidding war.”

Committee members must set a minimum bid.

“The statute leaves you a lot of latitude on how you want to do this, but there is one thing that is required of the Financial Management to do is set a minimum sales price,” said Bratcher. “The minimum permitted by law is the total of the delinquent taxes, fees, costs, and interest accrued since the time of the sale. It doesn’t say that you have to set a number. If you want to set that as your minimum bid, I suspect multiple people will submit that as their bid. If that occur, you’ll then have to contact them all and set a date that they can all come in and do a bid war.”

An issue could stall the sale of the Yager Road property.

“There is potential that the Johnny and Betty Perry property may have some litigation involved in this case,” said Bratcher. “It might be one that may have to come off between now and the date that’s selected for the sale. The person who has the right to sue on this hasn’t done it yet. If they do it at any point, it stops what we are doing here. There’s no way to say if they will or will not.”

Buyer beware on any of the properties.

“All the persons under this statute take the property as is,” said Bratcher. “There is a complete buyer beware caveat. We execute deeds that put all the responsibility on the buyer to research the property and find out what you’re buying. The county doesn’t make any guarantees on any of the properties. We’ll have a deed that will have a legal description, but we don’t warrant that the description is accurate. That’s standard in real estate contracts. This isn’t like buying your home. This a risk and reward situation.”

For more information on any of the properties, individuals can go onto the property assessor’s website at, click on Warren County, place the map number in “control map” and the parcel number in “parcel” and click search. For Mount View Drive, include the group number.

Committee members suggested the use of advertising the properties on

“Govdeals needs to be aware that whatever transaction they complete is not final,” said Bratcher. “I don’t know what govdeals arrangement is, but you will still have to advertise the winner, the amount of the bid and allow 10 days for anyone who wants to offer 10 percent more.”

Members requested an updated account of how much is owed on each property and tabled the discussion.