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Two vehicles hit same tractor trailer
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Heavy fog was a factor as two vehicles rear-ended the same tractor trailer just minutes apart Wednesday morning on the Woodbury four-lane.
One man was airlifted to Erlanger due to a severe foot injury, while another was transported to Saint Thomas River Park for concussion-like symptoms.
According to state trooper Rodney Whiles, the accidents took place Wednesday around 6:30 a.m. All vehicles involved were traveling toward McMinnville.
Whiles said a tractor trailer driven by Georgia resident Stewart Pike had slowed on the four-lane to make a right turn onto West Green Hill Road. The big rig was still on the four-lane when it was clipped from behind by a Chevy Lumina driven by Liberty resident Ethan Dyer.
“He just glanced the tractor trailer and kept sliding past it on what was wet pavement,” said Whiles.
Despite the accident, Whiles said the tractor trailer driver refused to move the semi from the four-lane, which led to a second crash a few minutes later.
“He made the statement that he wasn’t going to move it until police arrived,” said Whiles. “A witness told me he was out there trying to direct traffic when the second crash occurred. A van hit the tractor trailer from behind and this time the collision was pretty hard.”
The van was driven by LaVergne resident Arturo Garcia, who was not injured but was cited for not having a driver license. Of the five males in the van, Whiles said two were transported for medical treatment, two stayed on the scene, and one walked away on foot and couldn’t be located. Whiles said the language barrier and lack of ID prevented him from getting the names of the other men in the van.
Even though dense fog limited visibility and contributed to the two crashes, Whiles said drivers need to adjust to the conditions at hand.
“Motorists must keep a safe speed to be able to maneuver their vehicle to avoid a collision at all times,” said Whiles.