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Two men stabbed in street fight
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Two men were stabbed Tuesday night during a street fight outside Green Acres Apartments with the cutter claiming self-defense.
“He said there were 15 on him,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland of David Alex Sloan Carter, the alleged stabber, who claimed he found the numbers against him overwhelming during the brawl. “He said he pulled out his pocket knife and started cutting.”
The two injured in the cutting were Geraldo Jackson, who was rushed to Erlanger Hospital with a stab wound to the midsection and cuts to his hand, and Robert Gray, who was treated at St. Thomas River Park Hospital for cuts to his arms and hands.
While police believe they know who was involved in the melee, they aren’t quite clear what prompted the brawl which reportedly started in a breezeway and ended up on the basketball court outside the densely populated apartment complex on Vinewood Road. They also believe there were numerous people involved in the brawl leading up to the stabbings.
“No one has been charged at this time,” Rowland said, noting they still have other people to interview before they decide if they will bring charges. Rowland said it doesn’t help everyone had fled the scene by the time they arrived at Green Acres to investigate the incident.