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Two hospitalized
A firefighter spreads a mix to absorb fluid from the roadway after a two-car intersection crash Thursday morning.
Two people were injured Thursday morning in a downtown collision at the intersection of Chancery and Morford streets in which both drivers claimed they had the green light.The drivers, Connie Slatton, 40, and Summer Vandergriff, 30, were taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital by ambulance following the 10 a.m. crash. They were both treated for non-life-threatening injuries.The accident happened when Slatton’s 2006 Ford Fusion, which was northbound on Chancery Street, heading downhill away from downtown, entered the intersection and struck Vandergriff’s 2011 Kia Soul in the side. Vandergriff was on Morfrord heading toward Hardee’s.The impact forced the Vandergriff vehicle to roll over once before coming to rest on its tires in front of McMinnville Electric System.