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Two groups added to allocation list
Meals on Wheels.jpg
Meals on Wheels is scheduled to get $10,000 from the city of McMinnville. Pictured making meals are, from left, are Tabitha Rucker, Emma Dennis, and Tanua Dennis.

Two more civic and nonprofit organizations have been added to the city of McMinnville’s proposed allocation list for 2020-21. 

When the city Finance Committee met two weeks ago for initial consideration of allocations to local civic clubs and nonprofits, Books from Birth and Warren County Emergency Food Bank failed to send a representative and members tabled their requests of $3,000 and $10,000, respectively. 

On July 14, the committee heard from Books from Birth organizer Autumn Turner.

“We have finalized an agreement with River Park,” said Turner. “Every child that is born at the Birthing Center there will be signed up for the program. They also receive their first book before they are discharged to go home. That has been a really good addition to our local program. That also provides us with, potentially, an additional expense as our enrollment grows.” 

Books from Birth received $8,500 last year. 

“What’s the reason for the increase?” asked Alderman Steve Harvey. 

Turner replied, “Our request hasn’t increased. We requested $10,000 last year and received $8,500. We are thankful for whatever we can get.” 

Alderman Ryle Chastain stated, “Give it to them.”

“I’m OK with it, unless you think we should give them what they got last year,” said Harvey.

Alderman Everett Brock stated, “I don’t have a problem with $10,000.” 

Finance Committee members unanimously agreed to add $10,000 for Books from Birth and $3,000 for the Warren County Emergency Food Bank onto the city’s allocation list, which brought the grand total to $404,934. That number does include donations required by maintenance of effort, dues/ assessments paid by the city and $54,000 to the Tourism Development Board.

The committee’s recommendation on allocations will be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration. 

Proposed allocations by the city of McMinnville for the 2020-21 fiscal year:

• The Biz Foundry: $5,000

• Warren County Rescue Squad: $6,055

• UCHRA dues: $2,721

• Magness Library: $58,000

• UCD District Assessment: $2,858

• Chamber of Commerce dues: $5,500

• Chamber of Commerce tourism: $108,700

• Warren County Meals on Wheels: $10,000

• Warren County Emergency Food Bank: $3,000

• Main Street McMinnville: $40,000

• Citizens for Progress Scholarship: $10,000

• Warren County Senior Center: $29,000

• Families in Crisis: $10,000

• Caring Hearts United: $7,900

• Young Men United: $9,000 

• Kids of the Community: $9,000

• Books from Birth: $10,000

• WCTE-TV: $9,000

• Tourism Development Board: $54,000 

• Black History Museum: $10,200

• HOME-Homeless of McMinnville Effort: $5,000