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Two bridges named for local soldiers
The state approved naming the bridge closest to Spring Valley Road after Eric Frazier.

The state has approved Warren County’s request to name two bridges located on state routes after soldiers Joe Delong and Eric Frazier.
According to state Rep. Kevin Dunlap, the request was approved by the Tennessee General Assembly and Gov. Bill Haslam signed the Transportation Omnibus Bill – a lengthy transportation bill that contains all the requests from across the state for naming state roads and bridges.
The two bridges are on New Nashville Highway to Woodbury that the county, with state approval, named Sen. Jerry W. Cooper Highway.
Accepted by the state was:
• Naming the bridge closest to 287, also known as Green Hill Road, after Delong. Delong left his Irving College community for Vietnam in 1967 and never returned. According to the U.S. Army, his death followed enemy capture, imprisonment and escape, but his remains have never been located. Based on accounts told by prisoners of war held with Delong, the incident occurred Nov. 8, 1967.
• Naming the bridge closest to Spring Valley Road after Frazier. Frazier left his Warren County home in August 2006 for basic training. He returned in March 2007 severely injured when a Humvee he and three other Marines were riding in rolled over an improvised explosive device. Frazier lost both legs, in addition to a number of other critical injuries, and almost lost his life. His injuries were sustained on Oct. 23, just 27 days after his arrival in Iraq at the age of 20.