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Twins make masks for community
mask - keeping a safe distance.jpg
Bryan and Sky Smith keep a safe distance while donating masks they made to Lt. Lisa Norris of the McMinnville Police Department. Norris said they were so kind to think of officers and she appreciates their gift.

Bryan and Sky Smith are 11-year-old twins who wanted to help in some way during the coronavirus pandemic. Their neighbor, Felicia Smith, suggested they could make masks to donate. She supplied the fabric and helped them get started with a prototype. 

The Smith twins followed through by making 30 masks and meeting with police Lt. Lisa Norris of McMinnville Police Department on Friday. “We want to help the community stay safe,” the siblings said. They plan on making more soon and donating them to a different organization. 

The brother and sister are sixth-graders at Warren County Middle School. They both are adjusting to being home from school but admit they miss friends, teachers and talking to everyone in the cafeteria. Bryan enjoys online gaming while Sky prefers jumping on the trampoline. 

They stated, “If the pandemic ends, we will be going to 4-H camp, theater camp, to Miami to visit friends and to New York/ Connecticut to visit our grandfather this summer.”

They also have big plans for their futures as well. Bryan said, “I want to own my own company that specializes in making prebuilt computers.” 

Sky shared, “I want to become a crime scene investigator.” This bright and talented duo has the heart and resolution to be a success in whatever they choose to do.

Bryan added, “I want everybody to be safe by washing their hands, wearing masks and only going out if necessary.” 

Sky added, “A little can go a long way.”