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Trustee's Office eyes drive-thru window
county trustee drive-thru2.jpg
File photo - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Providing the convenience of a drive-thru for Warren County residents to pay their property taxes was selected as a priority. 

With COVID-19 and the closure of lobbies, having a drive-thru has become a pandemic necessity. County Trustee Darlene Bryant has requested a drive-thru for several years. The closure of Warren County Administrative Offices has turned that desire into a necessity.

A joint meeting of the county’s Budget and Finance Committee and Building and Grounds Committee on Thursday gave initial approval for $40,000 for a tube system drive-thru for the Trustee’s Office. The measure will be sent to the full Warren County Commission for consideration. 

Bryant hopes to avoid the possibility of vehicles blocking the roadway as they have been doing at the County Clerk’s office drive-thru. 

While the County Clerk’s drive-thru window is accessed from Locust Street and can only accommodate three to four vehicles at a time before traffic backs into the street, Bryant wants for her drive-thru traffic to come from the back parking lot, turn onto a designated lane, and exit onto Locust Street. 

Exact cost of the tube system, with camera and audio capabilities, is unknown. An estimate of up to $40,000 was given due to the need for excavation, paving, drainage system, and purchase and installation of the actual system.

“I think we do need this,” said Commissioner Randy England. “I think it’s one of the top five in my book or maybe top three even. I think we need cost on an awning as well so people aren’t getting wet or what have you.”

Joint committee members – Commissioners England, Scott Rubley, Carl E. Bouldin, Robert Hennessee, Tommy Savage, Christy Ross, Cole Taylor and Steve Glenn – unanimously voted to approve a drive-thru tube for the County Trustee’s office at a cost up to $40,000.

“If more than $40,000 is needed, we can always come back and readdress this,” said Rubley.