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Trump rolls locally as election certified

Warren County election results have been certified and they show what was originally reported on Election Night.

Donald Trump won big in Warren County.

The certified results show President Trump commanding 73.9% of the vote in Warren County, a total of 11,850 votes.

President-elect Joe Biden may have won the national race, but he was beaten soundly in Warren County. Biden received 3,924 votes, or 24.4%.

Warren County election administrator Susie Davenport said much checking and double checking was done to ensure a fair election was conducted with integrity.

“We do our best to make sure every eligible voter in Warren County can have their vote count and any ineligible voter can’t have their vote count,” said Davenport. “Everything checks out and everything balances. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be certifying this election.”

Warren County finished with 16,265 votes cast in the election. Of that total, 9,905 took advantage of the two-week early voting period. There were 5,499 residents who voted on Election Day, and 861 paper absentee ballots were counted.

All the state and federal Republican candidates won handily in Warren County.

This includes -- Bill Hagerty (73.6% of the vote) for U.S. Senate, Scott DesJarlais (70.7%) for U.S. House, Janice Bowling (71.7%) for Tennessee Senate, and Paul Sherrell (75.7%) for Tennessee House.

In local races, the votes have been certified for McMinnville mayor. Ryle B. Chastain won with 1,795 votes for 44.5%. Billy Wood was second with 1,598 votes for 39.6%.

Chastain won by 197 votes. Brett Simmons claimed third with 619 votes for 15.3%.

The top three vote-getters in the race for McMinnville alderman were Sally Brock with 1,605 votes, Rachel Kirby with 1,309 votes, and Stacey Harvey with 1,263 votes. They will be sworn in Tuesday night.

Fourth was Jay Medley with 1,040 votes, followed by Keri Morton with 1,019, and Rickey L. Jones with 1,004. Only 36 votes separated fourth from sixth.