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Trash compactor puppies find love
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Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has been considering homes for three puppies found Monday tossed into a trash compactor. One was adopted Friday by Pipi Flanders and her daughter, Chloe. The puppy was named Valentine.

Three puppies that started the week being pulled from a trash compactor at the Fairground’s Convenience Center are doing well.

“The female puppy is being adopted at 3 p.m. today,” said Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Sherri Bradley on Friday morning. “We have a list of prospective parents for the two boys. They’ll get good homes too.”

Staff members have received an abundance of calls from people interested in adoption.

“The response has been overwhelming with people wanting to adopt the puppies,” said Bradley. “It was an adorable picture in Wednesday’s paper. Between that and the way these puppies were so horribly treated, I knew people would open their hearts and their homes to the little guys.” 

On Monday, employees at the Fairground’s Convenience Center heard whimpering coming from a trash compactor. It was estimated the puppies spent the entire weekend trapped due to that compactor not being in use since Friday. However, it is not possible to determine exactly when they were placed there.

One had an injured paw. 

“The injured puppy is still at the vet, but it’s doing well,” said Bradley. “He had to have two toes removed. His paw was caught in the compactor. He’s being spoiled rotten out there. They love him. He’s adorable.”

Warren County Sheriff’s Department is awaiting one specific call. 

“We’ve talked to everybody who has been involved in this so far,” said Major Jason Walker. “We don’t have much information. Our hope is that somebody recognizes the puppies and calls us with information. We need that one phone call.”

The Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 473-7863.