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Town hall suggested to discuss Convenience Center
Town Hall for Convenience Centers-Helton.jpg
Commissioner Steven Helton suggests the possibility of having a town hall meeting to discuss the Morrison Convenience Center relocation. - photo by Bethany Porter

A town hall is meeting is under consideration to discuss the Morrison Convenience Center move. 

At the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night, Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts gave his monthly report and brought up the Morrison and Smartt Station convenience center relocation. They have a spot in mind for a new combined Convenience Center, but there is a possibility it is wetlands.

“Warren County owns 1 acre in Industrial Park that could be wetland. We have a private consultant coming down to determine that for us,” Roberts.

Commissioner Tyrone Sparkman asked Roberts if Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson has been involved in the discussions.

“There have been discussions with the mayor and they of course do not want it moved out of Morrison. This acre that we do own is a mile and a half from Morrison’s convenience center. To answer your question, we have been in discussion with the mayor and she is not for relocating, but we do not have a choice,” said Roberts.

Commissioner Steven Helton said they have been working hard to find a solution and mentioned the possibility of a town hall to get public input from Morrison residents.

“One thing we have possibly been discussing too is a town hall meeting in Morrison,” said Helton. “I did get a hold of the Ruritan and it is possible our next Health and Welfare Committee meeting can be held in the town of Morrison at the Ruritan. We are trying to work on those details so people of the community can get a little bit more information and hopefully by then we will have some results from your meeting.” 

Many Morrison residents are unhappy with the move, but Roberts and Helton say there is nothing they can do about it and they are working to find a solution. 

Finding a suitable location in Morrison is proving challenging because they do not want to put a convenience center in a residential area. 

“The problem that we have is nobody wants a dump right beside their house. I am not volunteering to put one of these convenience centers right by my house and if you go inside the city of Morrison there are not a lot of good places for a facility like this. If we move it to Industrial Park that gets it out of the way of residential areas and it gets the smell, the trucks, the traffic, and all of that away from the residential areas,” said Helton. 

The town hall idea was not finalized, only suggested.