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Tourism board seeks to take control of Civil War markers
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Management of Civil War Trails markers could be transitioning to McMinnville’s Tourism Development Board. 

The Civil War Trails program was established in Warren County a decade ago and joined a statewide program aimed at identifying lesser-known Civil War sites and establishing a driving tour in Tennessee. Five sites were identified in Warren County and markers placed: three in 2010 and two in 2014. 

Since that time, Heritage Alliance Center has spearheaded collection and donation of the annual membership fee of $200 per marker, a total of $1,000 annually. 

“For a long time Heritage Alliance would apply to the nonprofit appropriations for the $1,000 annual membership to Civil War Trails and then give it over to Civil War Trails,” said Katie Kemezis, who suggested Tourism Development Board members consider taking over making that payment. “That was happening before we had a Tourism Development Board. I’m bringing it to this board to take over those membership dues. It’s $1,000 a year, $200 per sign.”

Markers are located at Warren County Middle School, Court Square, Warren County Courthouse, and Pepper Branch Park. 

Tourism Development Board members unanimously approved payment of the dues for Civil War Trails on an annual basis.