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Tourism Board looking for an administrator
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McMinnville’s Tourism Development Board has been without administrative assistance since October, a situation it will soon rectify. 

TDB members met Monday and approved a scope of work for the general administration, project development, and management of Tourism Development Board. The city of McMinnville will be sending out a request for proposals.

Among the scope of work was objectives and qualifications, job-related tasks, project schedule and resources, project deliveries, and success criteria.

“Qualifications include experience with the public sector, strong communication and relationship-building skills and familiarity or ability to gain knowledge of compliance requirements for a public board. The individual will be entrusted to act as an ambassador for the TDB in the community and first point of contact for potential partners with the board.”

Per the job description, “The consultant will ensure the legal and fiscal compliance requirements of the board be completed in an appropriate and timely manner; coordinate and support the board meetings; act on behalf of the board in the community; and perform grant writing and administration for the board. The individual will act as a liaison between the project partners and the Tourism Development Board and will actively cultivate and building new partnerships for potential projects. The project manager will oversee the tourism marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, and keep up with best practices in tourism marketing.” 

Nineteen tasks were listed and included: propose any necessary items for budgetary consideration, assist with facilitation with annual audit, assist with complete and filing the annual report with the Secretary of State, prepare agenda in coordination with president of the Tourism Development Board and build board meeting packet, coordinate with city of McMinnville staff on public notice of meetings and appropriate reporting of meeting minutes, etc. 

Mandy Eller provided TDB administrative services until October of last year. At that time, she was working as a volunteer and accepted a paid position elsewhere.

TDB members unanimously approved the document. It will be presented to city of McMinnville so a request for proposals process can begin. The individual selected will work as contract labor and not an employee. Monetary compensation for those services has yet to be determined.