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Tough current issues are main meal at Reagan Day Dinner
Dr. Yomi Fapas Faparusi, center, speaks as congressional hopeful Grant Starrett, left, and incumbent 4th District Congressman Dr. Scott Desjarlais, right, listen during the Republican forum at the Reagan Day Dinner held by the Warren County Republican Party.
Right to life, abolishment of Common Core in schools, Second Amendment rights, and repealing Obamacare were all themes of the political forum organized by the Warren County Republican Party on Saturday night at the 20th annual Reagan Day Dinner at Westwood Church of Christ.“We are the fourth most conservative district in the country,” revealed 4th District U.S. Rep. Dr. Scott DesJarlais during his debate with his opponents Dr. Yomi Fapas Faparusi and Grant Starrett, noting he is looking eight months down the road when President Barack Obama is no longer in the White House. “The biggest issue facing America is government itself. Businesses are being crushed by regulations.”Dr. Faparusi, who legally emigrated here from Nigeria and worked to earn his doctorate in law, says he believes the nation has traveled down the wrong road, both politically and spiritually.“It’s time to fight for the very soul of our nation,” Faparusi told the audience, noting he intends to go to Washington and stand up for what he believes.