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Top Ten Story Number 10
County shuts down move to fly Confederate flag
Pictured is a design of the Confederate flag proposed to be flown outside Warren County Courthouse.
Warren County government officials were steadfast against a Confederate flag being flown at the courthouse, rejecting a measure in August that would have allowed it.At the center of the controversy was an appeal by Sam Boyd, who asked county Building and Grounds Committee members in June to allow the placement of a replica memorial flag to be flown beside the Confederate monument.“I beg of the members of the committee to remember they were our family, neighbors, and loved their home,” said Boyd in his written request. “If we fail to remember and honor the symbols of our veterans of our past for only honorable purposes due to political calculations of ever-changing winds, think of how our sons and daughters today will be treated in the future for simply serving their home, despite the political platforms or policies debated in Washington in the future. Soldiers are soldiers and Confederate soldiers are recognized as American veterans according to the U.S. Congress in 1957.”While Boyd gave the county three options of flags to choose from, consideration was given to allowing the “First National Confederate Flag.”According to the information submitted by Boyd, it was an original flag of the Confederacy and utilized and recognized by most during the war until 1863.