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Tina Higgins leaving HOME
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Prosperity Point is under development with eight tiny homes to serve as transitional housing.
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“The timing is right and I am leaving the organization that I have poured my heart into in very good hands.” HOME co-founder Tina Higgins

Leaving HOME was not a decision co-founder Tina Higgins took lightly when she tendered her resignation on Tuesday.

“When Homeless of McMinnville Effort first started out, we were providing meals for six to eight people and tending to a few basic needs,” said Higgins. “We could never have dreamed the impact HOME would have, not only on the homeless but the community as a whole. We went from serving a few people to hundreds and with that came great responsibility.”

HOME was established by Higgins and Sheila Fann on Dec. 31, 2019 in an effort to aid the growing homeless population of Warren County. The duo collected and distributed basic necessities such as food, water, toiletries, sleeping bags and tents. 

“Sheila and I both took the responsibility very seriously and gave HOME everything we had all while juggling full-time jobs and our families,” said Higgins. “As HOME grew, we were blessed with many wonderful volunteers and such an outpouring of support within the community, but also more responsibility.”

With God leading the way, they dreamed of a tiny home community where homeless individuals could receive assistance to get their lives back on track. In 2021, McMinnville government provided land on Sunset Point Road and Prosperity Point is becoming a reality.

“Now, we are on the verge of our vision being realized as the tiny home community we first dreamed of around coffee at McDonald’s with Bill Davis and Adam Rush is nearing completion,” said Higgins. “I am so proud of everything God has accomplished through us, but I really feel it is time for me to hand the reigns over to someone who has a fresh vision for all of the great things HOME is yet to bring to this community.”

Higgins says the work with HOME, although rewarding, is seven days a week and tiring.

“I work full time in a busy law office and have a family I love so much but rarely get to spend time with these days,” said Higgins. “I need an opportunity to recharge. People have asked me, ‘Why not just take a break?’ I have considered that but HOME is on the cusp of some very big things and it just wouldn’t be fair to Sheila, the board of directors, or the volunteers. HOME needs leadership that can be fully committed, especially now.”

Higgins continued, “We recently hired Holly McBride to handle our bookkeeping and we have a great team of leaders, Yvonne McGinnis, Angela Johnson, and Yvonna Rutledge who go above and beyond every day and as I mentioned, a great group of volunteers. Sheila is still giving 1,000% every day and we have a board who has HOME’s best interest at heart.”

She’s stepping down from a leadership role but not leaving the organization completely. 

“The timing is right and I am leaving the organization that I have poured my heart into in very good hands,” said Higgins. “Besides, I am not going away completely. There are some projects at Prosperity Point I will be active in and I want to get back to the thing that drew me to this great cause in the first place, the people we serve. I like to think of myself as an alumnus. I gave my best to the HOME team and now I get to sit in the bleachers and cheer them on. I encourage this community to keep supporting HOME. The great things we have seen accomplished have been due to God first and the overwhelming support of this community second.”

Homeless of McMinnville Effort mission statement: Our mission is to honor the dignity and improve the lives of those who are unsheltered or displaced by providing meals, basic hygiene services, spiritual support, and access to resources in order for them to work toward self-sustaining futures.