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Thompson charged after trying to flush troubles away
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A woman who was caught trying to stash her pills in a hotel toilet has been charged with not only possession of drugs, but also tampering with evidence.
The woman, Kristi Nicole Thompson, 25, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of tampering with evidence, possession of meth for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She has also been charged with violating her probation. The probation case will be heard next week.
Thompson was busted at Best Value Inn after a hotel clerk called police about suspicious activity in the room she had rented. When police came to the door, it took several minutes for Thompson to answer. Police soon realized there was an outstanding warrant against her.
Lawmen entered the room and began a search. They reportedly found numerous items including scales, baggies, syringes and components to make meth.
When policeman Bobby Anderson searched the bathroom he came across pills that had been put into the toilet bowl.
“She admitted putting the pills in the toilet,” Anderson revealed, the attempted flushing bringing the evidence tampering charge.
Police found 7.2 grams of meth by the sink.
During the search, police noted Thompson started to nod off and became hard to wake up. An ambulance was called and she was hospitalized.
A male found in the motel, William Shane Rambo, was also bound to the grand jury on drug possession charges. However, he was not hit with tampering charges. Instead he was charged with criminal impersonation since he gave police a fake name when he was questioned. He has already been given 10 days in jail for failure to appear for arraignment.